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Following the success of our SARM range, we have branched out into the development of Peptide chemicals.

Working with our manufacturer, who has supplied chemicals which have been used in published studies, and come with the assurance of third party HPLC testing

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    What are Peptides?

    Peptides are getting famous day by day because of their prominent effects on the body, especially for building muscles, burning fats and improving physical performance. They are usually delivered in serum vials as a freeze-dried substance. Before using, you need to mix them with distilled water to reconstitute their effects. But what actually are peptides? In this article, I will give you an overview of what peptides really are and how they enhance our muscle growth.

  • Peptides - An overview

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    An overview of Peptides UK

    A chemical compound containing two or more molecules of amino acids is called a peptide. As you might know, a chain of amino acid makes protein. The main difference between the compositions of protein and peptide is that a larger chain of amino acids (more than 50 strands) makes a protein and a smaller chain of amino acids form peptides. That’s why they are also called “small proteins.” They are both vital components of our body cells, having different functions. The definite shape of our cells is because of proteins, and they also reply to the signals received from the environment outside of the cell. On the other hand, peptides regulate some important functions of other molecules.

    As you age, your body goes through a lot of changes because of variations in diets and changes in your stress level. The production of peptides and amino acids goes down just like insulin production, and people get diagnosed with diabetes as they age. Hence, peptide production is crucial.

    Other than controlling molecular activity, some work as neurotransmitters, while others act as hormones. They influence and regulate how your body responds to physical exercise and diet. Many of them are associated with growth hormones, so their presence in an adequate amount is necessary for proper growth. If your body is not producing amino acids in a sufficient amount, your body would lower the production of growth hormone. People who want to achieve an athletic body and want to remain fit are keen on neutralizing such downregulations in order to maximize their capacity to fulfill their body goals.

    Amino acid consumption used to common with such individuals, but people are now more inclined toward taking peptides instead. The advantage is that they are easily digestible as they are already simple in nature and your body doesn’t have to break down any of the complex proteins. Researchers also say that peptides are more stable when ingested in the human body, so they are more beneficial and show results quicker.

  • Types of Peptides

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    Types of Peptides

    There are different types of peptides which are classified by either synthesis or function. The categorization of peptides, however, is viewed as a flawed science since even one peptide can have a place in numerous groups at the same time. Even between peptides and proteins, there is a very thin line and researchers around the world keep debating on whether a certain peptide ought to be named a protein and vice versa.

    A lot of scientists agree on the fact that a peptide does not conform to one particular pattern, while it is a bit easier to distinguish a protein. Scientists still classify peptides according to their most common behavior. Some common classifications of peptides with respect to their functions are as follows:


    Hormones are synthesized and secreted by the endocrine gland, which is a term used to refer to a group of specialized glands that secrete hormones directly into the blood stream instead of through a duct. Hormones are included in the most important peptides in the body. They are used for cellular messaging within the body. After secretion, they travel toward the organ which they are intended to target.

    Hormones are the little guys that control every major or minor function of your body, from simple needs like hunger to the more complex reproduction system. Even your emotional status is controlled by hormones such as mood swings. They are the reason why women feel emotional during their menstrual cycle.

    A shape of a hormone is designed with respect to the cell membrane of the target body part. For instance, peptides like insulin and glucagon regulate blood sugar level by getting assistance from particular receptors in the liver.


    Neuropeptides are spread throughout the body, especially in the body’s peripheral and central sensory systems. They have particular excitatory and inhibitory capacities. In many ways, neuropeptides work just like neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

    One of the most famous classes among all neuropeptides is endorphins. They are believed to be the body’s built-in painkillers, so it is no wonder they are frequently compared to morphine. Some functions of endorphins include hindering another neuropeptide, which transmits signals related to pain and hurt from the nervous system of the affected organs to collectors in the main sensory system.

    Now and then, neuropeptides can fill in as hormones inside some specific systems of the body, which is one example of the difficulties that scientists face in the classification of peptides.

  • Human use

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    Human use of Peptides

    Peptides are a part of the new era of stimulants. They were essentially made to treat growth hormone (GH) inadequacy. This is the reason why they upregulate the production of the hormone testosterone. It enhances your strength and quicken muscle development. Peptides will expand the consumer’s muscle tissue and positively affect the organs and bones.

    Peptides allow the muscles to have improved oxygenation. They also help the muscles have better endurance in terms of sports and other activities such as running, walking and cycling. As far as lifting weight is concerned, they will generally enable the muscles to be able to endure weights.

    Among its other positive impacts, its anti-inflammatory nature is one of them. This beneficial outcome of ingesting peptides will allow a superior and faster recuperation and recovery such in the case of the peptide BP157. It is also helpful in calming pain and enables you to recover more effectively from injuries such as lacerations and cuts.

  • GHRP6

    GHRP6 Peptide UK

    The Peptide GHRP6 causes the consumer to feel extremely hungry and creates a strong gastrointestinal motility. The GHRP6 peptide is injectable and has very interesting effects which prove to be quite beneficial for bodybuilding purposes. It would allow fitness enthusiasts to be able to finish meals on time. The food craving happens after about 20 to 25 minutes of the injection.

    The peptide GHRP6 causes the release of a particular type of hormone which is related to digestion. This hormone is called ghrelin and is intended to cause hunger pangs. This makes it a decent partner in weight gaining courses, which are vital for bodybuilding.

    Its main goal is to help you gain muscles while burning fat. To amplify the effect, many people use it with steroids as well. Not just that, but GHRP6 is also effective for healing wounds and decreasing inflammation while healing, for example, in the case of tendonitis.

  • GHRP2

    GHRP2 Peptide UK

    GHRP2 is different from GHRP6 in one regard – it does not especially increase the appetite. Its quality can be fascinating for those who look for a lean muscular growth. However, the impact of GHRP2 is same as the GHRP6 peptide. It offers assistance in muscle growth and the reduction of fat. One considerably important aspect of GHRP2 is that it is somewhat stronger at fortifying emission of the HGH or human growth hormone. It also increases strength, endurance, and energy and contributes to the bone tissue growth.

    There are a few side-effects of this peptide as well. It has been noted to moderately increase the level of stress hormone and decrease sexual craving and desire and can even cause a bit of water retention.

  • CJC1295

    CJC1295 Peptide UK

    This peptide is sometimes also called MOD GRF 1-29. It is a peptide full of hormones that stimulate the release of the growth hormone called GHRH. Hence, the CJC1295 peptide is usually combined with the GHRP peptides such as Ipamorelin GHRP6 or GHRP2. The GHRP peptide stimulates the release of the growth hormone, while the CJC1295 intensifies the process, which makes them a very effective duo. If you mix 100 mcg of GHRP with 100 mcg of CJC1295, it produces more growth hormones than 300 mcg of GHRP when taken alone.

    The CJC1295 peptide has a moderate half-life, approximately 8 days. Half-life is the time when half of the substance has been expended. This provides a moderate length of activity which can give you the luxury of less regular use.

    The peptide is especially helpful in burning fat while assisting in muscle growth. It also fights signs of aging and helps you achieve better sleep. It is advised to combine both peptides and inject them using one syringe to limit the number of injections. The peptide is best for recovering from injuries, growth hormone secretion, and muscle gain. It also helps burn fat and increase your strength.

    CJC1295 Peptide UK Structure
  • Ipamorelin

    Ipamorelin Peptide UK

    Ipamorelin is included in the GHRP category, which makes it one of those peptides that can be mixed with CJC1295 and MOD GRF 1-29 to amplify the secretion of growth hormone. It is quite similar to other peptides in the GHRP category, such as GHRP6 and GHRP2. Ipamorelin offers a wide range of advantages without any problem. It stimulates the secretion of GH from the pituitary gland while reducing the production of somatostatin, a hormone that creates hindrance in the secretion of human growth hormone.

    Unlike GHRP2, it does not accelerate the production of stress related hormones like cortisol and it also doesn’t send pangs of hunger, like GHRP6, in the body. It is best known for its anti-aging quality, improved sleep, and improved cholesterol level.

  • HGH Fragment 176-191

    HGH Fragment 176-191 Peptide UK

    This peptide is actually a polypeptide fragment of the human growth hormone. To be more precise, it is a part of the 176 to 191 amino acid peptide bond. It is most famous for being a fragment of HGH and is responsible for burning excess fat. The HGH Fragment is considered to be the most effective peptide in terms of losing weight. It not only reduces the body fat especially around the abdominal area, but it also helps gain muscle. It can be conveniently combined with GHRP6, PEG MGF or GHRP2 for gaining weight in terms of muscles. In the same way, it can be combined with MOD GRF-1-29 for achieving a slender muscular physique and reducing body fat.

    It does not have any side effects regarding insulin sensitivity. It is a fragment of HGH, which is, according to scientists, better at breaking down fats than HGH itself. Unlike many other fat-burning substances present in the market, the HGH fragment 176-191 does not cause jittery feelings or hunger suppression. It also does not cause the symptoms of high blood sugar which most HGH receptors do.

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