End of the line

Hello everyone.

First of all,  we’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of our adventure over the last 3 years. It’s been a real journey. From bringing the first high quality, viable research pellets to change to liquids, which proved to offer an ever better product in the end.

Sadly, over the last few months, we’ve suffered a number of serious issues. Payment processors have largely abandoned SARM companies, and we’ve currently lost considerable income which may never be recovered. Our main manufacturing partner, Lyphar, has ceased trading due to the ban. A few companies claim to still sell SARMs in China, but we’d be cautious of this if you decide to source raws yourself. There has also been a confirmed effort by authorities to target suppliers, with our fellow sellers being subject to raids by these agencies.

The final strike for us was now entering into a legal battle with our bank, for a reason we’re not still sure of, potentially losing us all operating revenue and capital in the company.

We will work to ensure all outstanding orders, replacements and refunds are processed. If you’re still waiting on a refund, we hope to have access to our accounts soon.

We wish the best of luck for all our researchers.

Legacy contact: [email protected]