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Ostarine SARM and HPTA Supression

DR Tony Huge from Enhanced Athlete talks about Ostarine MK2866 HPTA Supression.

Researchers studying Ostarine are hopeful of it being minimally suppressive to the HPTA, as this would make it a distinct advantage over current hormonal treatment of muscle wasting. Currently, patients are treated using drugs such as Testosterone, Nandralone, Anavar and Growth Hormone.

Treatment with Anabolic Steroids can greatly shut down a males HPTA, leading to many side effects after treatment has stopped. Males can suffer from erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, low self esteem, depression among some.

Ostarine does supress the HPTA to a certain point, but much less than other hormones such as Trenbolone and Testosterone.

In a 12 week study conducted by Thomas Thum and Jochen Springer they found that that there was a small reduction in total free Testosterone as the image below shows.

MK2866 Ostarine remains a leading candidate in the research of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, SARMS.