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About BP157

GHRP-2 is a synthetic ghrelin agonist, which has been recently discovered, and provides benefits like an increased production of the IGF-1, enhanced endurance, increase in lipid metabolism, strength within immune systems and bones, and rapid healing abilities. Its name stands for Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides, coming from a family of peptides with the intention and aims to increase and enhance growth hormone.

Overview of GHRP-2

GHRP-2 is known to be a synthetic analog version of GHRP-6. It has the ability to increase and control the growth hormone of human beings. Furthermore, it has the ability to activate ghrelin – a recently discovered peptide which is found within the gut. It helps with promoting food within your stomach as well as emptying it.

Currently, GHRP-2 is within its research phase as a peptide with the ability to produce growth hormones. It is also popular for increasing one’s appetite by increasing ghrelin. It allows athletes to move toward weight gain and reverses effects of low hormonal growth within the human body.

How Does peptide GHRP2 It Work?

The GHRP-2 compound works by stimulating and producing growth hormones within the human body through the pituitary gland and its natural ability to tend to produce. This is done in two different ways, the first being one where amplification of the transduction path occurs of the growth hormone which goes on to release signals leading to increasing levels of the hormone. Secondly, the increase in endogenous hormone growth levels is done through the functioning of somatosatian, similar to MK677

GHRP2 assumed benefits

There are numerous benefits to using the GHRP-2 compound. First off, it helps with aging while being able to reduce wrinkles and skin growth. It develops a higher body endurance and promotes faster healing of wounds. Furthermore, it improves one’s energy and heart. It also works toward decreasing body fat and helping with quality of sleep. Finally, GHRP-2 increases the uptake of glucose within the liver and increases the strength of the immune system.

GHRP 2 Safety & Usage

The usage of the GHRP-2 compound is done through oral, injection, or intranasal mediums. It pushes forward its functions while ensuring that the benefits are also applied. It tends to be a safer option as compared to synthetic HGH. Research is being done on this compound to ensure it is safe to consume. Excess usage of the compound may result in unnecessary side effects such as numbness, fatigue, or even worse. It is safer than other compounds, though it must be consumed within its limits as well.

The GHRP-2 is a compound with great synthetic abilities that allow one to take a safe medium toward a lot of growth hormonal and medical benefits for the human body. It comes from a family of peptides, and it works through simple means. Furthermore, it is safe to use if consumed with the right dosage.

  • Technical Data

    Chemical Name:

    • pralmorelin
    • alanyl-(2-naphthyl)alanyl-alanyl-tryptophyl-phenylalanyl-lysinamide


    • C45H55N9O6

    Molecular weight:

    • 817.992 g/mol


    • 2 – 8 Degees


    • Water


    • Non applicable, not for clinical use
  • Manufacture standards