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About BP157

BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide chain with 15 amino acids. The reason why BPC-157 is considered synthetic is that it cannot be found in nature and can only be made in the laboratory. A protective protein found in the stomach is one of the only sources of the derivation of the compound. BPC-157 has 62 carbon, 16 nitrogen, 22 oxygen and 98 hydrogen atoms making up its molecular formula.

Information below is provided for educational purposes. This chemical is not for human consumption.

From all the studies that have been done in the past on not only animals but human beings too, BPC-157 has been found to be such a miraculous healing drug that some people thought it might be considered illegal in the future. The studies were done primarily on rodents and were not conducted on people, but when the exceptional healing properties came out in the open, people started buying it for faster healing.

Peptides and SARMS have been known to be used by bodybuilders and the like to improve their bodies. Such is the case with this particular peptide, which has been used by people with muscles injuries. Whoever suffers from muscle sprain, damage and tear may be treated with this peptide when the compound gets cleared for human use.

Some of the miracles that this drug can perform are mentioned below:

· It shields the body from wounds and causes it to mend wounds acquired before. It enhances recuperating after skin cuts and other such skin injuries.

· It increased the blood pressure in rats with a low pulse and decreased it in those with hypertension.

· It protects one from heart failure in a condition of potassium overdose (hyperkalemia) and lack of potassium (hypokalemia).

· It protects the body from pancreatitis and peptic ulcer due to calcium overdose (hypercalcemia) and blockage of calcium channels.

· It shields the user from magnesium overdose (hypermagnesemia).

· It enhances recuperating from different intestinal injuries, diabetic injuries, different fistulas, and different tissue injuries, especially ligament, tendon, nerve, and muscle. Mending time of every one of these wounds is fundamentally diminished with the BPC-157.

· It successfully reduces the symptoms and danger of NSAIDs, especially cerebrum, gastric, intestinal, and liver injuries and different behavioral aggravations. These are essentially alienated by the BPC-157.

· It averts and restrains the impact of intense liquor inebriation, withdrawal, and chronic and acute gastric and liver sores.

Technical Data

Chemical Name:

  • Booly protection compound 15
  • L-Valine, glycyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-prolyl-L-prolyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-lysyl-L-prolyl-L-alanyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-alanylglycyl-L-leucyl


  • C62H98N16O22

Molecular weight:

  • 1419.556 g/mol


  • 2 – 8 Degees


  • Water


  • Non applicable, not for clinical use